Uru Has Water!

29 Aug

Thank you to all of you who helped donate to bring our dreams to reality! The village of Uru in Tanzania now has safe, running water for the first time! Over 7,000 people now have access to water because of people like YOU. We cannot thank you enough! Take a look at what you helped create!

We’re Still Here

25 Jul

Over the past several months we’ve been¬†busy working to improve our foundation and we are excited for the next steps. Please be sure to keep checking back to see what we’re up to and check out some great photo updates! In the meantime, we’re excited to announce that Tuleeni Orphans Home has started a vocational program for students who were unable to attend high school!

Uru Water Tank

29 Sep

IMG-20150415-WA0008We’ve completed the fundraising process for our new water treatment take and the finishing touches are in the works.¬† We’ve had a local coffee plantation donate all of the pipes needed to supply the water from the river to the tank and provide free, clean water to all of the local villagers! Please stay tuned for more progress as the pipes get laid and we get Uru’s first running water supply up and running!