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Our Clean Water Project!

As the orphanage nears its final stages (we’re currently putting the roof up), we are changing gears and focusing our time and energy on raising the funds needed to bring water to the orphanage, and 7000 other villagers. This water will be collected from a nearby stream and river, routed through a treatment tank to make sure it is safe for drinking and free of contamination, and distributed to our orphanage, the entire community of Uru, and its two neighboring villages. The water will be free of charge, with only a very small annual maintenance fee, that we hope to subsidize if funding permits. (The fee will total to approximately $100 per year…that’s total, not per family). Because we will have so many access points for the locals, we will be making a significant impact in the lives and health of over 7,000 people! And, we can’t open the new orphanage, or community center, without having water. So please help us raise the money needed to complete this project by going to our online funding page!