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Phase 1: Complete!!

Attention all: After MONTHS of negotiations and lost plots, we have just finalized the purchase of a BEAUTIFUL new plot of land in Uru, Tanzania. Uru is located about 15 minutes by car from Tuleeni’s current residency. The land is closer to Mt. Kili and therefore much cooler, and very fertile! The land is covered with banana trees and yam plants.

Uru is Mama Farji’s home town and home to several orphans’ family members. The new location will be great for the kids to establish relationships with distant family. The school systems are also great, as many of the children already attend school in and around Uru.

In addition to the land, Mama and her son George invested money to purchase a new Toyota van for the kids, and with a enough funds raised, we were able to pay the remainder of their fee!

Whats Next?

The bibi (owner) of the land has an additional plot of connecting land that she will sell to us in the future to give us a total of approximately 2.5 acres! We need to continue raising money so that we can purchase the second plot when it becomes available.

We also need to raise more money so that we can start the building process! While the purchase of land was difficult and stressful for everyone invested in our project, the building really is the hardest part! We will need to raise more money than most of us could ever imagine raising! For this we need your help more than ever right now!